Monday, August 24, 2009


A Children's Museum is designed to encourage children from a very young age to explore and learn through interactive exhibits which stimulate their curiosity and creativity in a fun environment. Well, the Children's Nature and Science Museum in Dallas provides just that type of opportunity.

Going to a Museum with four little ones (two three year olds, a fourteen month old and a four month old) is an adventure in itself. Especially when you start out the trip by parking right in front of the front doors to the museum but don't realize that you've parked in front of the front doors and walk all around the Fair park complex in the 100 degree Texas heat looking for the front door. Then when you finally find a door to go in and walk to the counter where you pay, you look out the window and see your car! Sometimes I ask myself "why"? Why do moms continue to torture themselves like this??

But I finally got over it and we ended up having a great time answering some of the kid's "why's" by exploring our world in the dinosaur dig, the water room, and on the little farm.

* Yes, that is my son checking out the elephant to find out if it is a boy or girl!

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