Sunday, August 02, 2009

Fantastic Four

Miss M turns 4 months old today! Our little ladybug is growing and changing so fast. It seems like Jonah stayed a newborn forever and with Miss M every time I blink, she's one month older. Smiling, Cooing and Laughing consume her days when she's not sleeping! And she's a girl on the go. After Jonah was born I think we were too scared to take him anywhere for fear of him catching a cold or crying and making a scene in public. But with a 3.5 year old we can't sit at home all day so Meredith goes more places and does more than Jonah did at her age. Just in four short months she's been to the zoo, the pool, the gym, the salon, the mall, and various restaurants. She's been on a roadtrip to Austin, she went to the Taste of Dallas, and she goes to all of Jonah's playdates.

I still watch in amazement as Jonah interacts with Meredith. He is so smitten with her. She is the first person he asks about in the morning and he showers her with hugs and kisses all day long until it's time for bed. He tells me when she's upset and he checks on her while she's napping. He draws her pictures and brings her "surprises" from the store. The joy on his face when he makes her smile or laugh is priceless. Everyday I try to engrave that image in my memory!

I hope it lasts! We'll see how "smitten" he is when she starts taking his toys as she gets older or better yet, dating his friends when they are in high school! Heh!


lauren_kitts said...

OMG monda those pics are so cute*** she looks like an angel and I don't think our kind hearted Jonah will ever stop being in love with her!!!

The Clark Family said...

Precious...simply precious.

Sarah said...

so sweet!!

Anonymous said...

She is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Glad she is such a good baby, and that your kids get along so well... Take Care!!

Katie said...

She is just so precious!! It was good seeing ya at the museum the other day! Hope Y'all had a good time! :)

Formerly Gracie said...

She's gorgeous!!!

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