Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Into the Zone

After going to the Wet Zone with our friends this summer, I knew we would be going back again soon because Jonah had so much fun and it's the perfect water park for young children. The pools are not too deep. There are slides and playscapes designed just for toddlers and they even have a lazy river.

So, what better place to take Kayla when she came to visit Jonah especially since Kayla loves, loves, loves the water! Did I mention she loves the water? They had so much fun and Jonah even managed to get Kayla to go down one of the slides!


Sarah said...

Looks like fun! You need to go to the Frisco Athletic Center. We went there for the first time last weekend, and it was a lot of fun! 3 slides that Reese LOVED (indoor/out), a lazy river, and 2 shallow play areas! Very fun!!

The Schneider Family said...

Kayla had a blast!!! Dont forget about the yogurt and the kids singing "Do the Booty Dance!" in the middle of the yogurt shop. Too funny!

The Clark Family said...

HaHa! I love the first pic! He looks so macho!

Too cute!

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