Friday, November 27, 2009

Nose “Knows”


Our Elf showed up the day after Thanksgiving. After brief introductions Jonah decided to name him Nose and when I asked him why the name Nose he said, “Because he “knows'” if you’ve been bad or good!” I can’t argue with that.

Every night while they are asleep, Nose will leave our house and fly to the North Pole to tell Santa if Jonah and Meredith have been good or bad during  the day.  The next morning he will return and find a new spot to watch from.  And if Jonah has been good the day before there will be a small surprise in his old spot.

I’m wondering if I can talk Nose into staying all year.

1 comment:

The Clark Family said...

Love it! Where can I get one please? Wait...I might need two. Better yet...three. The more eyes watching, the better!

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