Sunday, November 22, 2009

Family Food and Dinosaurs

A weekend of family, food and taking Jonah to see Walking with Dinosaurs in Austin.

We had our first Thanksgiving feast with Josh’s family over the weekend. The three and half hour drive down was uneventful. Two potty break stops and one stop for dinner. Tired and ready for bed after we arrived, I took the two little ones upstairs. Jonah fell asleep fairly fast but Miss M had other plans. I tried for five hours to get her to go to sleep but she was persistent. I finally got up out of bed at 3am and headed downstairs only to find Josh and Jon having a debate on arbitration. I was hoping that conversation would lull Miss Meredith to sleep as fast as it did me but apparently she found the discussion quite intriguing so we went back upstairs for round two of bedtime. I finally gave up at 6am after I thought I might jump from their second story window. I put Meredith in the car and headed out for some early morning shopping and sight seeing. If only Target was open at 6am. I could have done a lot of damage considering I was running on zero hours of sleep. But unfortunately they were closed. So we settled for shopping at CVS and trip to Starbucks.

We came back home as the rest of the crew was starting to stir. Later that day we took Jonah and Kayla to see Walking with Dinosaurs.  One word. INCREDIBLE! I highly recommend it if your kids like Dinosaurs! Jonah loved it and Josh and I really enjoyed it too!

After the show we had our family Thanksgiving dinner with Opa, Oma, Jen and Uncle Bill! Ten adults, four children and seven dogs. Yes, you read that right! Seven dogs. We brought Riley. Jerod and Lauren brought Gizmo. Jon and Amy have Bo and Aspen and then Uncle Bill brought his three labs with him from Corpus!

That night, I went through Meredith’s normal bedtime routine and wouldn’t you know she fell asleep right away and slept all night and so did I! Thank. You. Jesus.

It was a little crazy but I was really thankful that we could all be together! And really what would Thanksgiving be without a little craziness?

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