Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Jersey Day

This week is Precious Pets Spirit week at J and M's school. We are donating pet food, supplies and other items to help support the Collin County Humane Society. The entire week is themed. Today is Jersey Day. So, they both sported their Texas Rangers Josh Hamiliton World Series shirts that Josh picked up for them last week when he attended a game.

I took this picture right before I was rushing everyone out the door because they were late! Of course that doesn't compare to how late we were yesterday. Jonah had a field trip to the Dallas World Aquarium and I just assumed they were leaving around 9:15 but something told me I better call just to make sure and wouldn't you know they were lining up to get on the bus when I called at 8:52. Thankfully we live just right down the street from their school. So, I jumped in the car still wearing my pj's, flip flops, teeth unbrushed, hair unbrushed and had Jonah putting on his shoes and socks as we backed out of the garage. I'm so glad they were standing outside so that I could just drop him off. (Normally they require the parents to escort the children to their class.) How embarrassing would that have been?? Yikes!!! But we made it and that's the important thing!

The other upside was that Meredith was very excited that she got to ride in Jonah's carseat on the way to school with Daddy! It's like the highlight of her day when that happens!

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