Sunday, July 03, 2011

Saturday morning Donuts

Saturday morning donuts is a little tradition we started when Jonah was younger. Every Saturday (unless we are out of town) we visit our local Donut Shop. Sometimes we pick the donuts up and bring them home to enjoy on the couch while watching cartoons or we dine in and chat with friends and neighbors. Jonah always gets plain donut holes and Meredith always gets donuts holes covered in chocolate and sprinkles. I also let both kids choose what to wear for our little trip. Jonah always picks a superhero shirt and athletic shorts. Meredith always finds a suitable tutu to wear, her most outrageous hair accessory and a colorful pair of shoes. These little trips are just a tiny glimpse into their individual budding personalities and I really cherish this time with them!

Donuts with Mom Donuts with Mom 2

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