Monday, February 27, 2012

Pesky Pneumonia

I blogged last week that I wasn’t feeling all that great. Well, I finally went to the doctor and I had pneumonia. Ugh! So he loaded me up on steroids, antibiotics and breathing treatments. Oh, and he told me to get lots of rest. Hmmm…okay. That wasn’t going to happen. Josh went out of town Thursday morning to a Delt Division Conference in Tennessee so that meant it was me, the two kids and the pesky pneumonia that kept me cooped up all weekend. While my kids did a great job being my helpful little nurses, on Saturday they were dying to get out and run around so I mustered up the energy to drive them to Adventure Kids to play for a few hours while I came back home and slept some more.

Yesterday I started feeling a little better but not a 100% so my sweet friend Jennifer took Jonah to his first baseball practice of the season and Meredith and I took a long nap.

Unfortunately when you are sick the house doesn’t clean itself, the laundry doesn’t wash itself and the kids are still too young to fend for themselves for food. Of course if they had it their way Jonah would eat his weight in cheese sticks and Yogurt and Meredith would live on Goldfish and Hershey Hugs. I can’t lie and say they didn’t eat quite a bit of that over this past weekend. Maybe even pizza a few times. But I lost count. I’ll make it up this week with healthier food, I promise!

While I was laying in my bed on Saturday, the kids were playing around in our bedroom and in the closet. I hear Meredith’s sweet little voice yell from my closet “Mommy, is this your Princess dress?” I got up and walked into the closet where she had stumbled upon my wedding dress. I said “Yes, that the dress I wore when I married Daddy!” She looked at it with the biggest smile on her face and said “I want to wear it!” So, I put it on her and she immediately went to my jewelry box and found my mom’s pearl necklace. While she was sitting in the floor in awe of her white princess gown, I grabbed my camera off the table and snapped a couple of pictures. Even when I am sick my camera is never too far away! I really love this picture! I can’t wait to show this to her when she is older and even on her wedding day!

IMG_3586playing dress up

As I was taking the picture, Jonah said, “That’s what you wore on the day you married Daddy?” I said “Yes!” and his response was “That’s just weird!” Gotta love the boys!



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