Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Schneider Valentine

Lots of Valentine Day events around the Schneider house. On Friday, we had Meredith’s Valentine’s Day party at School and then  Jonah’s Valentine’s Day dance that night. On Tuesday we had Jonah’s Valentine’s Day party at school. On Saturday we received a Valentine’s Day package from Grandma filled with goodies!

That night we started a new Schneider tradition. Instead of fighting the crowds at a restaurant we decided to have dinner at home. I set out the china, Meredith decorated the table and Jonah made chocolate covered strawberries and pretzels. I picked up a bottle of wine and a bottle of pink champagne. We lit candles and enjoyed lobster ravioli, Caprese salad, calamari and garlic bread. The kids had pizza. They really enjoyed drinking their juice and milk from the wine glasses.

After dinner Jonah told me we had to have our “fancy” dinner every Valentine’s Day! I agree! I love starting new traditions!

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