Thursday, April 19, 2007

I'm Lovin It!!!

So, I finally broke down and bought Jonah his first Happy Meal from McDonald's complete with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toy! The event brought back such fond memories of my Dad taking me to McDonald's when I was three years old every Saturday and my Dad talking them into making a special Happy Meal just for me at 8:00am because they didn't serve lunch until 11:00am and I didn't want McDonald's breakfast. I wanted a Cheeseburger! (I was a sort of demanding as a child!!) Anway, I wasn't sure if he was quite old enough to eat one but he was hungry, I had not been to the grocery store, and Josh was playing tennis so hitting the drive-thru for fast food was our only option right?! Plus I was craving a Quarter Pounder ;) I also broke down and bought Riley a pack of Chicken Nuggets because even Dogs need a sinful treat every once in awhile! Let me just tell you that Jonah could be the new billboard for the phrase I'm Lovin' It at McDonald's. He ate the entire cheeseburger (plain of course), all of the french fries, the box of applejuice, and for good measure I added in a Gerber jar of peaches (so I can still be considered for a Mommy of the Year award!) He loved the cheeseburger and the fries! He actually said Mmmmm as he was eating the cheeseburger!! LOL! So, I have a feeling we may be visiting McDonald's again in the near future!

After Riley ate his Chicken Nuggets, Jonah thought his best friend might still be hungry so he shared a few bites of his cheeseburger and fries with Riley! Isn't that sweet?! Of course he wouldn't give any to the woman that went through 9 months of pregnancy and childbirth to bring him into this world after she finished her Quarter Pounder with Cheese and Supersized fries!!! I'm still a little bitter about it and it happened last week!

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