Thursday, April 19, 2007

No news is suppose to be good news right??

So, our week hasn't been too exciting! Oh, except that our friends Johnny and Sarah moved back from Houston to Frisco! We were very excited about that! We stopped by to take them dinner on Sunday and Jonah had a good time playing with Reese and Ashton! We are looking forward to hanging out with them again now that they are back! They are not across the street like the old days but Frisco is only down the road and a much shorter drive than to Houston!

This is funny so I have to share! On Monday night Jonah and I were outside practicing walking in the grass (him not me!) and Jonah had the home phone in his hands. He had been on the phone earlier with my mom and as usual hung up on her. So as he is walking the phone rings and I take it from him thinking it was my mom again and look at the caller ID and it says City of McKinney. It was after 7pm so I thought that was strange. I answered it and the voice on the other end says - Hi, This is the McKinney Police Department and we just received a 911 Emergency call from this number. Is everything okay?? I look at Jonah who is still walking and oblivious to what he has done! I apologized, explained what happened, verified our information, apologized again (luckily she laughed!) and the call ended! There is probably a $500 fine in the mail on the way to our house as I type! But how did he manage to dial that exact number?? I mean he's dialed some numbers that I was sure were going to call someone in Yemen but I was surprised that he was able to dial 911 and hit the talk button! Anyway, it's definately one of those stories I'll remember!! I'm just glad they didn't send someone out! That would have really been embarassing!

Here are some pics showing how we celebrate a non-busy week! We....

Listen to the rain and surf the internet (Note to self - looking at summer dresses at Neiman's puts Jonah right to sleep!)
Read some more!

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