Sunday, April 08, 2007

Hoppy Easter!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

We had a great weekend! Saturday we relaxed and hung out at home for a change! It was great. We went to Lifetime Fitness and Josh and I worked out with our trainer. Since Josh and I are planning a vacation somewhere tropical this summer, I need all the motivation I can get to get my body swimsuit ready! LOL

We were planning on going to my parent's ranch on Saturday for an Easter Egg Hunt and Dinner and it ended up Snowing! Isn't that crazy! Only in Texas!!

Sunday we drove to Hico to spend Easter with Josh's Grandmother. We had lunch and then Jonah and Kayla played that afternoon! It was still too cold outside for an Easter Egg Hunt so they just had fun inside walking all over the place! Yep - both Jonah and Kayla are walking now! Very exciting!

Enjoy the photos and have a great week!

Jonah's Easter Basket
Jonah playing with his new Lego Building Blocks from the Easter Bunny!
What's in this egg?
I love my new blocks!
Reading my new bunny book!
Was Jon making Jonah laugh or was Jonah making Jon laugh??
Jonah and Kayla checking out the finger paint in Jonah's Easter basket from Jon, Amy and Kayla!

Jonah and Mimi
Mimi and Riley relaxing after lunch!

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