Sunday, August 12, 2007


I'm sad to report that we've lost our friend Bob. Apparently while we were gone to Mimi's, Bob tried to end his life by jumping out of his fish bowl and I found him laying on top of the counter. Thinking we were already too late I picked him up to begin the burial process (flushing him down the toilet) and miraculously he was still alive. I put him back in the water and within about five minutes he was completely revived. He swam around, ate food and seemed enthusiastic about his second chance at life but unfortunately I think the lack of oxygen to his brain for such a long period of time took its toll on his frail little body and two days later he passed away. Even though he was only with us a short time he was still part of the family and he'll be greatly missed. That is until we go buy another one at Petsmart. I'm kidding!

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