Sunday, August 12, 2007

Kayla and Jonah's weekend

Last weekend Jon and Amy came up to Dallas so Jon could compete in a USTA tennis tournament. Opa and Oma also came up so they could watch Kayla and Jonah together. Kayla spent the weekend with us while Jon and Amy stayed in a hotel. The four of us had a date night on Friday and then Josh and I had another date night on Saturday night. Thanks to Opa and Oma we were also able to sleep in on Sat and Sun! They are really starting to spoil us :) Jonah and Kayla had so much fun playing all weekend. They played in the swimming pool and went on several walks. I'm glad they are so close in age and play so well together! Thanks again to Opa, Oma, Jennifer, Jerod and Lauren for helping out all weekend! We had a lot of fun!

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lauren_kitts said...

aww...that'll be a black-mail picture someday!!!

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