Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Jonah and Ryan

Jonah's friend Ryan came over to hang out while Shannon attended a Junior League meeting. So, instead of eating at the boring old table for dinner we decided to have an indoor picnic. I spread a blanket out in the living room and Jonah and Ryan munched on a bean and cheese burito, chicken nuggets, and fruit. Afterwards they played chase and they had so much fun running around and around the staircase! I guess they needed to burn off all the calories from the burrito!

I thought this photo was too funny. Ryan is feeding food to Riley and Jonah is dumping all of the food off the plate onto the blanket! Boys will be boys!

From their facial expression you would think they are watching an episode of "The Hills" but they are watching the Baby Einstein World Animals! It's pretty intense stuff! LOL

I'm not sure what they are doing in this photo but they thought it was hillarious! I should have been video taping it instead of taking a picture!

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