Monday, March 10, 2008

Blah Blah Blah

That's kinda how I feel right now. I never thought I would be excited to say I'm glad last week is over and today is Monday and the start of a new week. Maybe it was something in the air or the way the sun and stars were lined up or it's the end of the winter blues but last week and the weekend just sucked for me and it sounds like it may have been that way for a lot of other folks too (after reading several friend's blogs) I was just down in the dumps all week and the weekend was even worse. My job ended, we haven't had one bite on our house since putting in on the market, our roof has to be replaced due to the hail storm last month, I spent Friday and most of the weekend sick and I'm just stressed to the max about a zillion other things! Really, there are just too many to list! So, I'm just hoping that there was a shift in the planet's axis with the time change or since spring is around the corner that things will start looking up and getting better because right now my nerves and my patience are just shot and I'm not sure I can handle much more!


OHmommy said...

Monday Morningitis?

Yup, I got it too. :)

Genna said...

Oh Monda....that just breaks my heart. I can completely understand, and know that I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I am so sad about you leaving Perot, but I am sure that something better will come along.

Sarah said...

I am right there with you too! I am hoping things will get better from here on out!

Akinol said...

See Here

Courtney said...

I am so sorry Monda, I hope things get better soon. Just look at Jonah, he will make you smile!

Cody said...

Things will get better!!!

Just remember you have an AMAZING husband, and a Charming little boy that ADORE YOU!!!!!

Perot lost a good one!!!

Miss Ya


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