Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Snow Day!

Only in Texas is it 70 degrees one day and snowing the next! I wore short sleeve shirts this weekend and today I am wearing a coat, hooded sweatshirt, my Uggs, gloves, and a scarf! There's no point in trying to keep only one season of clothes in your closet when you live in Texas. Maybe that's why Master walk-in closets are the same size as the family room around here!

Last night it started snowing around 7pm and I was like a small child in a candy store. Unless you are Jonah then you really wouldn't care because Jonah doesn't like candy. Not even ice cream. I'm still trying to decide if there was a mix-up at the hospital!

We woke up this morning to lots of white fluffy stuff everywhere! At least 3 inches thick according to my ruler! When I woke Jonah up and we looked out his window he yelled "Snowman!!" to which I replied "Yes, after breakfast we will go build a snowman!" Then I realized after he kept saying it over and over that he thought the "snow" was called "Snowman!" LOL! Kids are so funny!

So, after breakfast we bundled up and made our way outside! At first Jonah thought the snow was great. Then, he realized that his shoes were covered in snow and getting wet and then we had a meltdown. After we came back in and cleaned off his shoes and warmed up a bit with some chocolate milk (I was too lazy to actually make hot chocolate) we went back outside to build our Snowman! And since Jonah was so over the snow at that point he stayed on the patio and gave me directions on how to build the snowman! I don't know why I was taking directions from an almost 2 year old! I have many more years experience in the area of Snowman construction! Check out my masterpiece below. He's the Toddler version of a Snowman!

Daddy and Jonah trying to catch a few Snowflakes before dinner!


This snow is getting on my shoe!!!

Mommy, Help! Now both shoes are covered in snow!!

Riley is part American Eskimo so when it snows his inner Eskimo really comes out!

Meet "Frosted Mini Wheat" Don't ask! That just popped in my head because I was thinking of Frosty the Snowman and Mini Me!

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Amy said...

Love your little snowman! I still can't believe it snowed there!

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