Friday, May 16, 2008

A Mother's instinct....

Tonight Jonah decided to take a tumble off the back of our couch head first onto our wood floor! It was like I was watching it happen in slow motion and couldn't get there fast enough to catch him and break the fall! That clip is engraved in my memory forever. As he was falling visions of the ER flashed before my eyes and there was a dead silence in the air as if my Mommy radar had kicked in and blocked all other sounds to listen for the breaking of a bone. But luckily he hit just right and the only injury he suffered was scraping his little foot on the corner of the desk as he was falling. At first he was in shock and then the wailing began. After a bag of ice, an examination with a flashlight for dilation of the pupils, making him sing his ABC's, and several kisses to his "ouchie" I concluded that he was okay and we did not need to bother his pediatrician at home.

After Jonah calmed down he asked me to "put the couch in time out!" I tried to explain to him that the couch did not have to go to time out because the couch did not do anything wrong. The couch did not make him stand up on the back of the cushion and fall. Jonah did that on his own even though Mommy has asked him several times not to stand on the couch. I hate that he had to fall and I'm so thankful that he is okay but I hope that this little tumble taught him a lesson and he will sit instead of stand on the couch from now on!

Fast forward an hour or so and we are in Jonah's bathroom running his bath. As I am testing the water to make sure it's not too hot, Jonah opens his drawer and finds his new big boy toothpaste. The toothpaste with fluoride in it. The toothpaste that the pediatric dentist recommended we start using but that came with strict instructions to only use a rice size amount for each brushing. Well, when I turned around to put Jonah in the tub I see the tube of toothpaste stuffed in his mouth as he is squeezing yummy berry sparkle flavored toothpaste into his chubby little cheeks. Did I mention that I am so ready for Josh to come home??

I snatch the toothpaste out of his hands and pry his mouth open only to see a blue berry sparkle colored tongue. When I ask him how much toothpaste he swallowed he replies with a "huh" I don't know what kind of response I was expecting from a two year old. So, I made a call to Poison Control and Suzanne and I (we are on a first name basis) had a nice chat about the effects of fluoride on a two year old. Just a tip for all the moms out there - The only way toothpaste will harm a child is if they swallow an entire regular size tube of toothpaste and that's a lot of berry sparkle! She instructed me to give him a glass of milk because the calcium would bond with the flouride and he would pass it. Good info to know but I think I'll keep a very close eye on him tonight while he his sleeping! I'll make sure to turn the monitor up extra loud and listen for any unusual bodily noises or movement.

I'm building quite the repertoire with Poison Control these days! If you need to know the effects Comet will have on a 1 1/2 year old give me a call and we can talk.

Referring to yesterday's post, was my instinct right? Is this the life I have to look foward to with a boy..... Tumbles and falls and Poison Control calls??


Courtney said...

I am so glad he is ok! We have not made any calls to the poison control, but we have had our fare share to the ER with stitches and broken bones!! BOYS!!!! Gotta love them!

Sarah said...

Poor Jonah! Sounds similar to our Target shopping cart experience. So glad that her is ok! One of many experiences I am sure!

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