Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Overworked Mother

This is my new favorite shirt. I love finding shirts that express my current state of mind. Some of my pasts shirts have included "Desperate Housewife", "We're hungry" (when I was pregnant) and "Happy Mom". So, when I saw friend at a Junior League meeting wearing this shirt I had to have one! It clearly defines where I am right now in my life.

Don't get me wrong - I love working from home. If I couldn't work from home I wouldn't be working! I really have the best of both worlds. I take conference calls in my pj's (thank goodness we haven't implemented video conferencing yet), take naps during lunch, spend more quality time with Jonah and Josh in the mornings and evenings since I don't have to worry about fighting traffic and I'm also able to attend Jonah's school functions and events without having to take time off because of my flexible schedule. My job requires minimal travel. I take a day trip here and there but it's usually to a fun city. And what mom wouldn't enjoy a night away once in a while in a hotel room by themselves curled up with their favorite book? At home I can throw in a load of laundry between emails and thanks to my wireless card I can even take my laptop and blackberry outside, sit in my lounge chair, and soak up some sun. Plus the big bonus is the paycheck which comes in handy when I want to go on a little shopping excursion at Urban Allye.

So honestly, I really have no reason to complain but while my work situation is about as close to perfect as it gets I still feel overworked. At times my job is very stressful. I project manage multi-million dollar healthcare projects with clients that are sometimes more difficult to deal with than a 2 year old. A full blown temper tantrum in the middle of Target is nothing compared to the whining I have to listen to from a c-level client about this and that. There are times I wish I could put them in time out! I just visualize this CEO sitting indian style over in the corner with his suit and tie on! LOL!

Besides work I am still a mother which means I am always tired. Jonah is wonderful. In fact I would say he's just shy of being perfect! He's a late sleeper and for that I am so thankful but I think I'm still trying to get caught up on the sleep debt I acquired when he was a newborn. I refuse to think that it's because I'm now over 30 and I haven't visited my neighborhood Lifetime Fitness in months. Okay maybe a year but whatever. Let's just stick with sleep debt as the root cause. That combined with the fact that Josh and I haven't been on a real vacation in three years and we are constantly on the go equals one tired mommy and daddy! And I don't mean to imply with this post that I am overworked because of a lack of effort or support from Josh. Josh is an amazing husband! He has a very stressful job too, has to go into an office everday, and deal with traffic! Then he works out and plays tennis and is also always on the go. And to top if off when he comes home he cooks dinner most nights, helps out tremendously with Jonah, and does his fair share around the house! Wow - now that I think about it he does a lot more than me and I'm the one sitting here complaining about how overworked I am! Geez - maybe he deserves a shirt that says "Pooped out Papa!"

BTW If you would like your own "Overworked Mother" t-shirt check out Princess and Frogs. You won't see the t-shirt on the website but email Mandy and ask her about ordering one. She is super sweet and I had my shirt within two days of placing my order! But you better hurry because from what I understand these shirts will be featured in People Magazine pretty soon as a celebrity favorite so you know they'll sell out like crazy! She also has other cute designs as well!

Another reason it's a good thing I work from home because I let Jonah get creative and decorate my agenda each night so that I have something fun to look at the next day that reminds me of him while he's at school and I'm sitting on yet another conference call! I couldn't do this if I had to go into a conference room for a meeting! I would be forced to stare at a plain old boring agenda!


Amy said...

Yeah, I think I need that shirt!

Sarah said...

I have that shirt, and I LOVE it! I get a lot of compliments when I wear it too!

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