Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Toys Take a Time Out

I walk into the hallway to find this display of toys against the door in Jonah's "time out" spot!

Mommy: "Jonah, what are your toys doing in the hallway?"

Jonah: "They are in time out."

Mommy: "Why are your toys in time out?"

Jonah: "They were bad toys."

Mommy: "What did they do that was bad?"

Jonah: "They bite me!"

Mommy: "Well, that's not very nice is it?"

Jonah: "Not nice!"

As I'm sitting on the couch Jonah then proceeds to bring every toy over to me and tells each toy to tell me it's sorry - the same thing we make Jonah do when he comes out of time out. I had my doubts about how effective time out really was until this little incident.


Sarah said...

That is too cute, Monda! It is also good that he is "getting" what time out is all about!

Amy said...

Awesome, it's good to know they listen!

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