Saturday, December 20, 2008

Birthday Weekend!

This weekend I celebrated my birthday and though Josh and I had originally planned to have a little weekend getaway, someone else, who will remain nameless (basically because we haven't decided on her name yet) had other plans. So, I spent my birthday at home with my family and my wonderful friends who came over to help me celebrate. My friends Jenn and Sarah came over Saturday afternoon and cooked us a yummy Mexican lunch complete with Key Lime pie for dessert! It was so good!! Then my friend Vicky came over to visit and she brought cupcakes and petit fours and my friend Shannon and her son Ryan came over to visit. Jerod and Lauren also came over to stay with Jonah and spent the night so Josh and I could spend some time together.

Jonah sang Happy Birthday to me all day but I think it was because he was having so much fun blowing out the candles each time!!

Thank you to all my wonderful friends and my very sweet husband and Jonah for making my birthday so special since I couldn't leave home!


Courtney said...

Happy Bday!!!! IT sounds like a lot of people made it very special for you!!!! I hope you guys have a merry Christmas! I got your card today, very cute!!!

Amy said...

Glad you had a great day! And how nice of your friends and family to make sure it was extra special!

The DLG's said...

Happy Birthday! Maybe next year, NYC! Merry Christmas!

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