Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

This year our Christmas festivities were a little limited since I couldn't travel to Teague or Hico but we still had a wonderful time celebrating with Jonah and our family at home. Christmas is so much more fun and special when you have little ones to help you celebrate!

On Christmas Eve we opened our presents, drank hot chocolate in front of the fireplace (even though it wasn't that cold) and watched the Polar Express. We tracked Santa on the Norad Santa tracker and when he finally made it to Texas we started the preparations for his visit to our house! Jonah decided to set out cookies at the last minute for Santa instead of Mac and Cheese like he had originally planned and even remembered the carrots for the Reindeer! After reading the Christmas story and the Night Before Christmas Jonah was out for the night! Christmas morning was really exciting! I'm not sure who was actually more excited, us or Jonah! When we finally woke Jonah up at 9am we asked him what did he think was down stairs and he said "lots of toys from Santa!" Well, he was right! The look on his face as he walked down the stairs was priceless! There was a large dinosaur tunnel/tent that took up our entire dining room and inside were lots of goodies for our little guy! But Jonah's biggest surprise from Santa was the one thing he really wanted and has been asking for since he first saw Santa at the Polar Express - A phone like Daddy's. Except instead of the iPhone he received an iTouch. He was so excited and loves saying "This is Jonah's phone!"

Josh cooked Christmas breakfast and then we played, played and played some more with all of Jonah's new toys and my new toy - A pink laptop that I received from Josh and Jonah! Jonah loves my laptop and calls it "Mommy's Pink Computer" That afternoon Opa, Oma and Jen came up to visit and spend the night and then that evening we had takeout Christmas dinner and watched movies with Jerod and Lauren after they came back from Hico.

We hope all of our friends and family enjoyed their Christmas holiday!

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