Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday Festivus

Last week our entire family was sick. We took Jonah to the doctor thinking he had strep throat but after a negative strep test we found out he just has a virus "that's going around" and we heard the words all parents hate to hear - "It just has to run it's course." So, no magic antibiotic to make it go away in a couple of days. We've just had to stick with over-the-counter cough and congestion medication, a cool mist humidifier and Vick's Vapor Rub. So, needless to say we haven't gotten a lot of sleep in the last week. Jonah and I both have been coughing all night and of course all I can take it Tylenol Cold. Luckily Josh's cold only lasted a couple of days!

So with Jonah being sick and since I'm still on bedrest we had a low key week at home. I've had to miss a lot of our annual holiday festivities including Josh's company Christmas party and other activities that we like to do during this time of the year. But we've still managed to have some fun at home. Josh and Jonah made a gingerbread house, Jonah wrote his first letter to Santa and he has been a big helper to Josh with wrapping presents.

Each piece of candy was carefully placed on the house.

We made sure to build the house on the weekend in case there was a sugar rush from all the candy!

But to our surprise Jonah didn't want any of the candy! He wanted it to all go on the house and yelled at Josh and me when we snuck out a couple of sweet tarts!!

Okay Mom, that's enough pictures!!

I think for 2 years old even Martha Stewart would have to agree Jonah did a great job on his house!

Writing his first letter to Santa

Mailing his letter to the North Pole

Of course Josh and Jonah have squeezed in several games of "Tickle Monster"


Amy said...

How cute is he? I can't believe he didn't want any of the candy.

hoLLy said...

he did a fabulous job! and hes only 2, wow? he looks a lot older than that!

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