Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Plenty of time to spare on good intentions

I had good intentions of putting together a picture montage of our year together in 2008 and posting it on our blog but after finding out on New Year's Eve that I was going to be admitted to the hospital for observation today I had to activate "Mommy mode" and start making arrangements for Jonah, Josh, Riley and myself.

I made a list of everything that needed to be done and I finally finished everything two hours after the hospital called this morning and said my room was ready.

So, Needless to say I was a little late. I know there will be things I have probably forgotten to bring or things I have forgotten to tell Josh's mom and Jerod about Riley and/or Jonah but tonight I can go to sleep knowing that "my" family is in good hands and are being taken care of thanks to a little planning and the amazing support of Josh's family!

Here is a little story about Jonah's visit tonight and how precious he is!

Jonah has a Dora the Explorer book called "Say Ahhhhhh!" about Dora's visit to the doctor for a checkup. In the book the Doctor has to feell Dora's tummy during the checkup and Dora says that it tickles. Jonah loves this book and it has been a great way to explain to him what happens when Mommy goes to the doctor every week. I always tell him I have to go to the doctor for my checkup and he always asks if they doctor tickeled my belly like in the Dora book.

So, tonight Jerod and Barbara brought Jonah up to the hospital before Josh left work and when he walked in my room the first thing he asked me was had the doctor been in to tickle my tummy! It was so cute.

He heard the baby's heartbeat on the monitor for the first time and said "That sounds like my heart!" He laid in my bed for awhile and ate part of the chocolate cake I had delivered with my dinner as well as the whip cream and the cherry! I just hope Barbara and Jerod were able to get him to go to sleep after they got home with the nice little sugar rush that followed!

I already miss being at home with Josh, Jonah and Riley but I know this is the best place to be right now for her and I just pray that I don't have to stay here the rest of the pregnancy!!

Now I just have to get Josh to transfer all of my pictures from my home PC over to my new laptop because it looks like I will have a lot time now to work on my montage!


Amy said...

I hope it all goes well Monda! Thinking of you!

hoLLy said...

sorry you are in the hospital-hospitals are no fun! hope you get outta there soon. and jonah is just a doll:)

Katie said...

I've been checking your blog for a little while through Amy's and I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know you're in my thoughts & prayers!!

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