Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year, New Adventures!

Happy New Years!!!

I wish I could write that the Schneider Family rung in the New Year with a bang but truth be told all three of us were in bed before the ball dropped and the clock struck midnight! Pretty sad huh?? We spent a quiet evening at home with take out, ice cream and a couple of movies. But really does it get much better than that??

The year 2008 was an interesting one to say the least! In a year where there was a lot of uncertainty and instability we were been blessed with many fortunes. Here's small recap of our year:

* Josh and I took a mini little vacation to San Fransisco. With busy schedules and demanding jobs, Josh and I enjoy our time away together!
* Jonah turned 2 years old and has continued to amaze us everyday in more ways than I can write!
* We had our house on the market (not because we had to but because we had new house fever) but then took it off after deciding to just stay where we are until the market becomes a little more stable!
* We welcomed a new nephew, Christian, in May. He is such a wonderful addition to our family! He has a bubbly personality and is just so happy!
* My Dad who was diagnosed with Colon and Prostate Cancer is now Cancer free and doing very well!
* We were able to visit a lot of family and friends and even take Jonah on a few new adventures!
* We found out we are expecting a little girl!

I'm looking forward to 2009! New Beginnings, New Adventures and a New "Us"!

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