Monday, January 19, 2009

Still going strong...

Last night I took two Ambien and two extra strength Tylenol at the advice of my nurse before I went to bed.

So, it's official. Only two weeks on the inside and I have become the pill popping patient!

I didn't get much sleep the night before and my lower back has been hurting so I thought, why not? I figure while I'm in here, I might as well get as much sleep as possible since it won't be long before I'm on the midnight shift again with a little one. I know you can have a sleep debt but can you have sleep buildup?

Well, I must have passed out minutes after taking my medicine which was at 10pm because I woke up around 3am and I was still holding my laptop in my lap, the TV was on, all the lights were on and I was still in my "day pajamas". I turned everything off and immediately fell back asleep but had horrible nightmares which is why when the nurse woke me up at 9:45am saying, "Monda, it's time for your sonogram appointment." I snapped back with "Could you give me five minutes to brush my teeth and my hair?" Then again, I'm not really a morning person. Maybe I'll just stick with the Tylenol tonight!

So, I had my sonogram and Miss Meredith looks perfect. The placenta seems to have setup a permanent residence in it's unconventional location but since the bleeding has not gotten any worse and I'm not having any contractions Dr. Albert said if everything stays the same over the next few weeks he might let me go home. I think I squealed like a little girl getting her first American Girl Doll. Of course I will still be on complete bed rest and have to come in twice a week for checkups but it's totally worth it to be able to sleep in my own bed and be home with Josh, Jonah and Riley and our daily chaos. He just has to talk to Dr. McIntire, my OB, and get her approval.

Below is a picture of the monitoring system that I have done twice a day. They listen to her heartrate and monitor her accelerations as well as make sure that I'm not having any contractions.

Meredith likes to play tricks on the nurses and as soon as they get me hooked up and have a good reading on the heartrate and walk out of the room, she moves, sets the alarm off at the nurses station and right when they walk back in the room, she moves back to her original spot. I guess she's not the only one that's bored.

As you can see in the picture her heartrate is 159 bpm which is normal for a 26 week girl. So, she's still going strong!

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers that we can make it to our next major milestone which is 30 weeks!


Katie said...

So glad to hear that she's growing and doing well, you are definitely in my thoughts & prayers!!

Erica Wink said...

You guys have been at the top of our prayer list. I am glad to hear that you guys are doing so well.

This Southern Belle said...

I'm praying for you guys!

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