Thursday, February 19, 2009

Growing and Growing....

I had my 31 week sonogram this week and Meredith is growing and growing. Still no blood clots or hematomas and I haven't had any additional bleeding since my last week in the hospital. Whoo hoo! My doctor said I have beat all odds with the placenta previa so I feel very blessed. I'm especially thankful to spend the remainder of this pregnancy at home on bed rest instead of the hospital. I will admit that every day I'm worried that I will start bleeding again and since I'm not being monitored twice a day like I was in the hospital, I'm constantly making sure I can feel her kick and move. Pregnancy is stressful and so unpredictable but every day that we get through this is one day closer to meeting this precious little girl!

I've mentioned before that I am a little bit of a control freak so one of the things this pregnancy has taught me is to learn to let go and let God take control. We have said a lot of prayers and asked that he watch over us through this introduction before a new chapter in our life begins!

We have had to depend so much on family and friends in this situation and I've learned that it's okay to ask for help. Words cannot express how much their support has meant to us! I hope that some day and in some way I can return the favor!

Another positive outcome of this situation is that Josh and Jonah's bond has strengthened and they have become extremely close. Through all of this I have been able to witness what an amazing and extraordinary father and husband he is. His patient, caring and loving side has really shown through. Of course I knew he possessed these qualities. It's one of the reasons I fell in love with him but to see those qualities put into action during a stressful time for all of us has made me learn to appreciate and love him even more!

Next week Josh and I are having a 4D sonogram done so that we can get a glimpse at what Meredith really looks like! We have twenty six 2D sonogram pictures of her but I'm anxious to see more of her features and maybe even see a little smile!


The Clark Family said...

What a wonderful post! You are surely a blessed family, and we are so glad to hear all is well. Many hugs to you, Josh, and Jonah.

Katie said...

HOORAY, I'm so glad to hear that all is gong so well!!

OHmommy said...

Hey Monda.

I just added your link to my post about photography 2.2 seconds ago. Thanks for the inspiration yet again.

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