Monday, February 02, 2009

Slow News Week

It wasn't a slow week in the media but it was a pretty slow week in Room 366. I'm just happy it went by really fast!

Dallas had an ice storm on Wednesday and when we have ice in Dallas the city becomes paralyzed! So, Josh stayed home with Jonah since his school was closed due to the increment weather. After the ice started melting Wednesday afternoon they came up to the hospital and spent the day with me. Jonah is so comfortable here now that he walks around like he owns the place and technically for what our insurance is having to pay for this extended stay we should own it or at least one wing of it. Okay, at a minimum they should name one of the hospital rooms after me! Anyway, the nurses just love Jonah and Jonah loves them. He is also a huge fan of the vending machines and every time he comes to the hospital he wants to go to the vending machine to get Doritos. This is how the conversation goes every time:

Jonah - "Daddy, I want Doritos"

Josh - "Jonah, do you have any money for the vending machine?"

Jonah - "Mommy, Daddy needs money!"

My social calendar was packed over the weekend. My friend Shannon came up on Friday and we hit up the Baby and Mother's boutique on my floor where I have become quite the regular. They have the cutest clothes, blankets and accessories. Then, one of my nurses took me on a shopping trip downstairs to the gift shop. Hey, this girl loves to shop and right now my options are pretty limited! Actually this gift shop has some really nice things!

My good friends Sarah and Jennifer hosted a shower for me here at the hospital on Saturday. Meredith received some adorable clothes and other items! It was a lot of fun to see my friends and so nice to be out of my room! Stay tuned for pictures!

The Junior League hosted a brunch on Sunday so I was able to meet some of my "neighbors" and they were really nice! One is having triplets and one is having twins! I thought it was funny that neither of the girls hosting the lunch from the Junior League had children so I'm sure our conversation about pregnancy and what we are going through scared them so much they may reconsider having a baby. Maybe next year I will join the Junior League committee that hosts these events because now I see how important it is for the moms in here to have that social interaction while couped up in a hospital room. I mean we are girls and girls love to socialize and talk! Vicky came up and brought lunch and we hung out for awhile. Then Josh and Jonah came by and brought Riley! He was so excited to see me and I was very excited to see him. I've really missed him! My friend Cindy also came by for a little while. She was also here on bed rest with her second child so she knows exactly what I'm going through. She brought one of the funniest and best gifts I've received while in the hospital - toilet paper, the soft two ply kind! Such a luxury!

So, now I'm heading into my 5th week here in the hospital and 29th week of the pregnancy. My doctors and I both are hoping for another uneventful week. This is the one situation where the term "uneventful" is actually a good thing!

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Katie said...

I'm glad things have been fairly uneventful ;) Sounds like you got to have some fun though! yeah!!

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