Thursday, February 05, 2009

Keeping my fingers crossed....

I had my weekly sonogram on Monday of this week and received some good news though I've been a little hesitant to share because I didn't want to jinx it!

I haven't had any bleeding since Friday of last week and since my sonogram looked clear - no bloodclots, tears in the placenta or hematomas, he said that if I could continue on that path for one week he would recommend that I be released from the hospital on home bed rest. I'm having another sonogram tomorrow to confirm that everything looks good and if so then my doctor could release me tomorrow evening! Whoo Hoo!

As excited as I am to go home and be with Jonah, Josh and Riley every night, I am still nervous because I will be by myself during the day and I'm just worried that something will happen. Of course I will be going in twice a week for sonograms with the Perinatologist and once a week to see my OB to make sure that there are no changes. If there are any changes I will be admitted right back into the hospital where I will stay until I deliver. So, I'm saying a lot of prayers and keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well!

It's a been a long five weeks but it has given me the oppotunity to slow down and evaluate how I live my life and what I can do to be a better wife, mother and overall a better person.

One of the other things I've had plenty of time to evaluate is the pros and cons of hospital bed rest. So here's my breakdown..

Pros – no laundry to wash, taking my time to get dressed in the mornings, all day room service, afternoon naps, not having to watch Noggin 24/7, online shopping, being able to hear the baby’s heartbeat everyday, catching up on facebook, blogs, and email.

Cons – missing being at home with Josh, Jonah and Riley, not being able to go where I want to go, horrible water pressure in the shower, micro mini towels that barely wrap around my body and are apparently not washed in fabric softer or dried with dryer sheets, no bath rug, 1-ply toilet paper, uncomfortable bed (it’s definitely not a Heavenly bed and even with two egg crates, four pillows and a heating pad it’s still uncomfortable).


lauren_kitts said...

hopefully everything turns out to be boring and I hope you get out and remember I'm always a phone call away and I have perfected the illegal 35 min. drive form grand Prairie to McKinney in the HOV lane!!! Trust me if no one else can get there faster I WILL BE THERE!!! Love you so much and good Luck with the sonogram***ps maybe you'll be home to critique our painting skills!!!

Katie said...

I hope that it all goes well, you're in my thoughts & prayers!!!

The Clark Family said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed and saying prayers for you. Hope all goes well. Many hugs!

Sarah said...

Any news?? Hope you can go home for awhile!! I know that you would LOVE that!!

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