Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My first road trip with the kids…alone.

Yesterday it took me an entire day to pack the car and get everything ready for the two and half hour road trip to the tiny town of Hico this morning to visit Josh’s mom and grandmother. It also decided to rain cats and dogs today but we went anyway. Luckily we didn’t need to stop for any potty breaks and Meredith slept most of the way.  Thank. You. Jesus. Quite frankly, I was a little nervous because when Meredith isn’t happy no one in the car is happy. Except Jonah, he seems to tune out her screaming but then again he is a guy. 

Amy also drove up from Austin with Kayla and Christian and when Mimi mentioned that the Baptist Church had a pumpkin patch setup we loaded up and headed over to the church. We had the whole pumpkin patch to ourselves. You just gotta love small towns! A Great Grandmother, a Grandmother, four little ones, two Moms armed with their fancy cameras, pumpkins and you have a recipe for some great photo ops!

And yes we made it back home to Dallas in one piece with no major drama. Again, no one had to stop for a potty break which was a good thing because getting a baby and a toddler out of the car in the rain at night doesn't sound like much fun! So my first road trip alone with both of them was a huge success!


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