Friday, October 23, 2009

Why raising a daughter costs more….

When I saw this outfit online I had to have it for Meredith. 

This is what makes having a daughter so expensive.  It doesn’t matter if I’m in Neiman’s or at Target. There will always be cute girl clothes. I have my favorite stores/brands for Jonah’s clothes because it’s really hard to find cute boys clothes. I don’t like themes, especially sports themes and I’m not a huge fan of cutesy characters or animals. Unless it’s a vintage style shirt. Then, I guess it’s okay. But what I really like are for Jonah’s clothes to look like mini versions of Josh’s clothes. So, needless to say we are a little limited in the boys department. I used to ignore the girl’s section because it just frustrated me even more but now that I have a daughter I am submerged in a sea of wardrobe options for Meredith. And oh gawd don’t even get me started on the accessories…the bows,  the hats, the tights, and the shoes. How I love the shoes!

Sorry I digress. Back to the point of this post. I found this adorable outfit at Stitched With Love

Meredith was being such a good little model during this mini photo session so there are lots of pictures. Some of the lighting isn’t all that great but her smile is! And isn’t this outfit just precious??

 032112049   082109106


The Clark Family said...

She is adorable and looking a lot like Mommy with every passing day! I hate to tell you this... gets worse. :)

Katie said...

She is SOOO cute, and let me tell ya it's even worse with 2 girls!! ;)

Sarah said...

Yes, I am in BIG trouble with 3 girls!! Meredith's Halloween outfit is adorable!! She is so darn cute!!

Narci D said...

SO cute! I am just now realizing how much trouble we are in now!

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