Monday, October 19, 2009

Singing Sensation

I’ve seen all the adorable videos on You Tube of preschoolers singing popular songs while in the car with their parents and their parents video taping the entire 3 minute song. Well, I am now officially one of those moms. Jonah has become quite the singer these days when we are in the car and I told myself “Self, you need to video tape him singing because these are the memories that you will want to remember and these are the video’s you will want to show all the girlfriends he brings home!”

So, the other day as we were backing out of the garage Jonah requested one of his favorite songs from my saved music on Sirius and I quickly grabbed the video camera and recorded my little singing sensation. And note when he points, it gets me every time!

1 comment:

Virgie said...

That is truly precious !!!
He is quite talented...........and sooooooo handsome.
Thanks so much for Sharing.
Give your MOM & DAD loves for me.
I didn't see a picture of Charlie


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