Saturday, October 03, 2009

The next Tiger Woods??

We’ve been trying out a variety of sports for Jonah to find out what he really likes - soccer, swimming, basketball and right now we are trying out golf.  He like it and he hits the ball really well but so far soccer has been his favorite.  We have to wait until he turns four to start tennis.  Of course Josh and I both have visions of Wimbledon and the US Open dancing in our heads so hopefully he enjoys it. But if he doesn’t that’s okay because it’s all about finding something that he enjoys and wants to play.

 IMG_0279 copy IMG_0284 copy IMG_0298 copy

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hoLLy said...

thats so cute-my girls love golf! joey takes them to the driving range every now and then. great sport. but my LOVE is tennis! i'm hoping my girls end up loving that as much as i do. they've done a couple of tennis classes in the past. do you play tennis monda? i'm always looking for someone to play with. . .

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