Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Bash

Jonah wanted to host a Summer Kick-off bash for his school friends so we decided to have it over Memorial Day weekend. Twenty children and their parents! We rented a waterslide, grilled hotdogs, blew up the baby pool, iced down juice for the kids and frosty beverages for the adults. It was a lot fun! The kids loved the waterslide and we had so much yummy food thanks to everyone bringing something. We had blackberry cobbler, popcorn cupcakes, homemade tagalongs, guacamole, fruit, corn relish and bleu cheese bacon dip. It was all so good. I even enjoyed the leftovers the next day!

We were so nervous at first because right as the guests starting arriving so did the rain clouds and the thunder. It sprinkled for about 15 minutes so everyone had to come inside and play in the toy room until it was over. Then the party was back in full force and the kids played for a good three and half hours. Towards the end of the party they were all so cold being in and out of the water that their little lips starting turning blue! I’m hoping everyone had a good night’s sleep that night! I know Jonah and Meredith did!

After the party Jonah asked me if we could do it again the next day. My response was “If you want to be a full time social butterfly you are going to need to get a job.” His reply “I’m four. No one will hire me!” Oh vey!

Summer Bash Collage 2010

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