Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Easiest Most Favorite Quick Dinner. Ever.

I just thought I would share my favorite quick weeknight dinner. I make this at least once a week and it’s so simple, my family loves it, and it’s fairly healthy. What more can you ask for? Plus an added bonus is that we get to use Daisy Sour Cream (wink wink). Don’t forget that you need to always buy Daisy because Mommy has a small shopping addiction and your purchase of Daisy Sour Cream helps support that cause. Thank you for doing your part to help those in need.

IMG_0487 copy

Ingredients: Store bought Rotisserie Chicken, Kraft Natural Shredded, Colby and Monterrey Jack Cheese, Ortega Whole Grain Corn Taco Shells, Daisy Light Sour Cream, and fresh ripe Avocados (just typing this is making my mouth water).

Instructions: Bake the taco shells as directed, Slice your Avocados and Shred the Rotisserie  Chicken. Next take a taco shell, add one dollop of Daisy, some shredded chicken, a little cheese, a couple slices of avocado and Voilà! You have a yummy taco that is sure to please :)

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