Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gold Class all the way

Josh and I had the entire house to ourselves this past weekend! It was a blast from the past of our life before kids. Sleeping past 10am. Eating junk food for breakfast. Going out for a long leisurely lunch and actually finishing our meal. Shopping without the purchase of one single toy. Then coming back home and taking a nap with the baby monitor turned off!!.

That night we decided to check out the newest movie theatre to open up in our ‘hood with our good friends John and Susan. Gold Class Cinemas. I went online, picked out our seats and purchased our tickets. When we arrived we were greeted by the concierge who led us to our seats in the very “trendy” lounge. Our waiter, dressed in all black, came up and took our drink order while we waited for our friends. I ordered a Mojito and Josh had a Vodka Gimlet. We sipped our drinks and took in all sites around us. The theatre was busy but not in a crowded loud way. The lounge is so large and the seating is so well laid out that you really don’t notice the people around you. John and Susan arrived and our waiter brought us the food menu. Portabella mushroom sliders, Bleu cheese chips, Chicken satay. My mouth began salivating. Not your typical movie theatre menu. After we placed our order the waiter came to tell us that our movie would be starting in 15 minutes and he would lead us to our seats in our theatre. We walked in and there were 40 seats setup in pairs in the 150 seat theatre. Each seat reclined at the push of a button and there was also a small table between mine and Josh’s seat with a another small button that called our waiter who was there to service our every need. One of the “movie hosts” went over all the details of the theatre and then an entourage of staff came out with pillows and blankets for those that wanted them (new of course). I chose not to use the pillow or blanket because I did not want to fall asleep during the movie.

So as the lights were dimming our waiter brought our food and replenished our drinks. The food was great and comparable to the food you would find in any higher end restaurant. Even the presentation was fabulous. Afterwards, we pushed the button on the side of our chair and were instantly (and comfortably) immersed into our movie selection for that night: Iron Man 2 (great movie by the way!).

After that experience I am not sure I will be able to watch a movie in a normal movie theatre again. I have already booked tickets for the new Twilight and will be booking tickets for The Last Airbender as soon as they come out!

{A picture of the seating in the theatre – taken with iPhone}

Gold Glass Cinema

{And just for fun a picture of our “Little Iron Man” / Flash}


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The Clark Family said...

Wow. I am not sure we even have a theatre in my town. Wow.

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