Monday, March 12, 2007

Tickle Me Elmo

Since Jerod will be in Corpus Christi for Jonah's birthday party he and Lauren decided to give Jonah his birthday present early when they came over on Saturday. I didn't know what they were giving him and when I saw the box I was excited. I figured he would love Tickle Me Elmo because Jonah loves to laugh so much. Anway, we opened the box and turned Elmo on and poor Jonah lost it! He started screaming and crying. Elmo scared the hell out of him! He jumped in my lap and wouldn't even look at Elmo so we quickly hid him behind a pillow. I've never seen Jonah act scared of any toy! I'm not sure if it was the red fur or because he laughed so loud! I don't know what it was that scared him so much! I feel so bad because I know they went to a lot of trouble to pick out the gift for Jonah and it was such a sweet gift. But I think Jonah will come around and will eventually like Elmo! I hope so! Maybe when he's a few months older :) But for now he's sitting in the gift bag out of Jonah's sight!
He won't keep his pants on! Is that a bad sign??
Obviously we couldn't get a pic of Jonah and Elmo together :(
Make it Stop!!!

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Amy said...

Well Elmo scares me too!

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