Thursday, March 08, 2007

Tired of being Sick and Sick of being Tired!

Well, after my last post on Thursday of last week I went to pick up Jonah at daycare because they called and said he had gotten sick twice that morning. When I got there and picked him up he decided to get sick three more times. We got home and poor Jonah continued to get sick so we called his doctor (who is out on maternity leave) and they told us to try giving him small amounts of pedialyte every 20 minutes.

When that didn't work we headed to the Acute Care Clinic for Kids. I had to make sure he wasn't dehydrated because he wasn't able to keep any of the fluids down. He was diagnosed with the stomach virus that's been going around plus he still had the two ear infections so he had to get a shot since he wasn't able to keep his antibiotic down. Luckily he didn't have any fever and they were able to able to keep a couple of teaspoons of gatorade in him that night so we were finally able to go home. I felt so bad for him. He was so lethargic and just laid in my lap and watched Baby Einstein. Over the weekend we were finally able to start keeping some fluids in him but he was still sick on Monday.

It was a long long long weekend! We are all suffering from a lack of sleep and didn't get much done over the weekend! Jonah is finally feeling better today He's still on a bland diet and we are finally back on the antibiotic for his ears! Now if we can just get rid of the ear infection we might be in good shape and on the road back to a full night's sleep!
Still a happy camper even when he's sick!

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Sarah said...

It sure is rough, isn't it? So glad to hear that Jonah is feeling better!

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