Thursday, March 08, 2007

Spring is in the air!

What a gorgeous day today is! Now Texas has some ridiculously hot summers and even stranger winters but today is perfect! 73 degrees outside, sunny, with a light wind! Absolutely wonderful! March is my favorite time of the year in Dallas because the weather is just perfect for being outside and it's really the only time of the year that you can sit outside to eat during the day without needing to jump in a pool afterwards! I wish everyday was like this, except maybe an occasional thunderstorm here and there so I can curl up on my couch and take a really good nap! ;)

Today is the reason I'm glad I work from home and not in a cubicle in an office. I took my laptop outside for a little while and did some work while I soaked up some rays and Riley ran around the yard! I just wish Josh and Jonah could be home with me so we could all enjoy it! Anyway, the Bradford pear in the front is just starting to bloom. I love this tree when it blooms! And my flowers are finally starting to bloom again! I think Spring is finally here! Whoo hoo!

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