Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Mall Rats

Since it is never going to stop raining here in Dallas, Shannon and I decided to take Ryan and Jonah to Stonebriar mall today to play on the indoor playland since we obviously can't go to the park! If you have children under the age of 2 you know that you have to plan these events around lunch time and nap time and then to get out the door it takes another 1 or sometimes 2 hours to change their diaper, pack the stroller, pack the toys, pack the sippy cup, restock the diapers, wipes and snacks, and then of course right before you leave there is another diaper change. And remember none of that time includes getting yourself ready! Then once you get to the corner of the street you realize you have forgotten your purse and your cell phone on the counter. So, three hours later when you finally get to the mall the last thing you want to see is a big sign in front of the play area that says "Closed for rennovations until August 11th" Well, that's what happened to us today! So what do you do when you've promised them playtime at playland and it's closed?? Put them in the toy car strollers that you have to pay for and not pay to take them off the holding rack and hope they don't realize the difference. Yea right!! Poor guys! Hopefully the dinner of Mac and Cheese and Chocolate Milk at La Hacienda Ranch made up for it!!

The look on their faces tell me they knew the difference between the toy car and playtime at playland!

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Sarah said...

Yeah. We did the same thing. Great timing to redo the play area right in the middle of the Summer! Right?

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