Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ghost Stories

Last night North Dallas was hit with some pretty nasty weather including 80 mph winds, funnel cloud sightings, rain, thunder and lightening that lit up the entire sky. Luckily all of us were at home but right as we were finishing dinner the electricity went out. So, we all made our way to the couch with flashlights and candles. We listened in darkness as the rain beat down on our roof and watched as it knocked over everything in our backyard. We enjoyed an evening without Noggin and we played flashlight chase, made wall puppets and told Ghost Stories.

Here is a small clip of Jonah's 15 minute Ghost Story. Since the electricity was out for several hours we heard the story several times. He had a couple of different versions that included Wolverine throwing the ghost out the window, Jonah saving Meredith from the ghost by locking her in the bathroom and Spiderman spinning the ghost in a web in the front yard.


lauren_kitts said...

ha ha awww he's so excited how cute*** i can't believe he was so calm even jerod and I were nervous about the storms***

Courtney said...

that is so cute! he is a great story teller!

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