Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Meredith is two months old

Ladybug is two months old today! She had her two month checkup this morning and she scored an A+ on her report card. She is 10 pounds and is starting to outgrow her newborn clothes and is now wearing her 0-3 month outfits(which means I need to place an order for more cute monogrammed onesies from Sarah) I did manage to dress her in every newborn outfit she had even though that sometimes required 2-3 outfit changes per day! You know I really hated that! Heh!

Jonah has decided to call her Merdi instead of Reagan. We love Merdi and had actually heard that nickname from a friend when she was born though we never mentioned it to Jonah. He started calling her Merdi all on his own. We love it so it will probably stick!

From 7am to 6pm she is the happiest baby on the block but right as we sit down for dinner around 7pm she turns into the unhappiest baby on the block which sometimes turns me into the unhappiest mommy on the block. I thought she had "colic" but my doctor says babies with colic tend to cry continuously for long periods of time every night and can't be consoled. Thank God she doesn't do that and God Bless those parents that have or have had a colicky baby. Meredith's night time fussiness could be from a number of things like a growth spurt, tummy bubbles, or overstimulation. We just go through our checklist that includes diaper change, feeding, mylicon, bath, baby massage, swaddle and swaying. We lather, rinse and repeat until she falls asleep. This process takes up most of our evening so I'm hoping the fussiness doesn't last too long and we can eventually get her on a schedule and get Jonah back on his normal schedule because 3 year olds should not be awake at 10:30pm!

Morning time is now my favorite time! Meredith wakes up in the best mood and loves to smile, coo and cuddle. The four of us, five if you include Riley, usually lay in bed for a little snuggle time before our day starts! The first thing Jonah does in the morning is give his sister hugs and kisses. So sweet!

She has also learned to roll over from her tummy to her back. Check out her video below with Big Brother Jonah cheering her on with a rattle!


lauren_kitts said...

holy cow you guys have super genes to make such smart genius babies**** I have never seen a baby roll over like that at 2 mths*** EVER and you know how many I've seen!!! love it she's so cute

Formerly Gracie said...

Whew! What a little darling. She makes me so excited about our baby girl :-)

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