Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Where have you been???

Due to a not-so-nice call from my mother about my lack of updates on the blog, I thought maybe I should put up a few pictures to prove that I have been very busy catching up on episodes of Tori and Dean Home Sweet Hollywood and the Real Housewives of New Jersey with taking care of a demanding newborn, catering to my toddler's every need and washing endless baskets of laundry and mounds of dishes in the sink. But even being so busy we have managed to have to a little fun around here....

Josh and I have officially been kicked out of our own bed

Jonah learning how to play on the slip n slide from Uncle Jerod and Lauren

When I pick them up from school Jonah always makes sure to get stickers for himself and Meredith from Ms. DeGuzman (check out her head and left hand) He's so thoughtful!

Jonah's been enjoying bubble baths in our tub using my Lavender Chamomile Dream Bubble Bath from Bath and Body Works! It's my favorite!

This is what happens when Daddy takes Jonah to get a haircut! No more curls! Boo hoo! The good thing is, it grows back really fast. I guess the shorter hair is better for the hot summer months here in Texas.

Enjoying a day at the park with Grandma

A visit with my Aunts and Uncles from Virginia

Jonah always says "I want to take a picture with my Merdi"

But not all of us have been busy...check out our lazy dog Riley!


The Clark Family said...

HaHa! I love the last photo! I felt the same guilt recently, and therefore have resulted to many pictures myself. I highly admire mothers of 2+, because my time is maxed! Enjoy the chaos that is now the norm! Hugs!

Katie said...

LOVE the pics, and I just got the same call from my mom the other day about not updating the blog~oops!! ;) Hope Y'all are enjoying the summer!

Courtney said...

I love the look on her face with the stickers!! that is so sweet of him to think of his little sister!!!

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