Monday, August 25, 2008

End of Summer Blowout

Jonah's school had their End of Summer Blowout on Friday. They enjoyed train rides, pony rides, face painting, a concert and a sack lunch with corny dogs!

Jonah really enjoyed riding the train (we rode it twice) and he loved the pony ride! When we walked up to pick out our pony we had to decide between three ponies - the white pony with brown spots, the white pony with a rainbow mane, or the white pony with the pink mane and purple glitter hooves. Guess which one Jonah picked - the white pony with the pink mane and purple glitter hooves whose name was "Fancy"! Jonah really liked Fancy! He kept telling her "Good job Fancy" as she walked around in circles. At the end of his ride he said "Thanks Fancy, I love you!"

Afterwards we headed to the face painting station where we waited in line for over 30minutes to get Jonah's face painted. Towards the end of our wait we were informed that the face painter was getting ready to leave so she was only painting simple designs like hearts and stars. Jonah kind of had his heart set on a Tiger face which resembled the other elaborate designs like a Butterfly or Spider Man that we had seen earlier on the kids running around. But I finally talked him into a star on his hand and somehow we ended up with the face painter's son as our artist who stepped in to help out his mom. I'm not even sure this boy was old enough to color inside the lines. He ended up drawing a yellow blob on Jonah's hand with black lines. I was disappointed that we waited over 30 minutes for this artistic masterpiece but Jonah was happy with it so I guess that's all that matters.

It was still a fun party and Jonah had a great time! I can't believe Summer is officially over and Fall is just around the corner! I'm so ready for the holidays and some much needed cooler weather!

Riding on the train


Jonah showing Ms. deGuzman his painted "Star".

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