Monday, August 18, 2008

Movin' on up

We finally moved Jonah into his new "Big Boy" bed a couple of weeks ago. He was very excited when we picked it out and had it delivered. His first response when he saw it in his room was "That's Jonah's cool bed! I like it" He's adjusted really well to sleeping in his new bed except for the fact that he is a wiggle worm so we will need to add rails to the sides of the bed at least for awhile. Josh and I love being able to lay down with him when we read at bedtime except there have been many nights that we've fallen asleep in his room only to wake up around midnight and have to crawl into our own bed.

There is still lots to do as far as decorating his room with the wild animal/jungle theme I have in mind. I don't really like themes but I love the bedding I found at Pottery Barn Kids because it's not too over the top. It is perfect for a little boy that loves wild animals and Jonah loves them all! So now we just have to paint, change out the nursery accessories and take down his crib! He's growing up so fast!

1 comment:

Kim said...

That is so great! I bet Jonah thinks he's very cool with no more crib.

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