Saturday, September 12, 2009

Camp Schneider

It was a weekend of firsts on Saturday at the Schneider household. Jonah had his first friend over for a sleepover and we decided to surprise him and Ryan and make it extra special with their first campout in the backyard! Josh setup the tent, we grilled hotdogs and made smores. Josh decided to rough it outside with them and by roughing it I mean they had an air mattress, a fan, a laptop (to watch Shark Boy and Lava Girl) and surround sound speakers!


    IMG_8286     IMG_8304  IMG_8290IMG_8308IMG_8315 IMG_8326  IMG_8340IMG_8344 IMG_8349IMG_8406IMG_8409IMG_8418IMG_8446IMG_8451IMG_8474


Katie said...

too fun!! That's my kind of camping!! ;)

The Clark Family said...

Is that Josh curled up in the back of the tent with the camouflage blanket? Ha Ha! They look like they had a blast! Isn't making memories so much fun? ;)

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