Monday, September 14, 2009

School Daze

Jonah was six weeks old when I returned to work and the day Josh and I dropped him off at Primrose I, like many working mothers before me, had to have my husband console me as I sobbed all the way through the parking lot to my car. How would anyone be able to care for my little boy the way I did? Were they going to know that he liked his bottles ice cold, not warmed, he had to be held upright and walked around the room to fall asleep and he hated being swadled. Well, much to my surprise within one week of being in their care, he started sleeping through the night, which for a first time parent was equivalent to winning the lottery. I knew at that point he was going to be okay.

Jonah attended Primrose for the next three years while I continued my career as a WAHM. But after returning from maternity leave with Meredith and due to a declining economy my company decided to reduce it's staff and I was forced into the life of a SAHM in June. That's not to say that I am not enjoying this time with my children. We have had a wonderfully busy summer but I realized that Jonah still craved the structured schedule and advanced education that he was receiving at Primrose and he also missed being with his friends.

Since sending him to Primrose all day for five days a week while I am at home didn't seem to make much financial sense, we opted for two days a week at one of the Church preschools. One of his best friends from Primrose was also going to be in his class so I knew that would help with the transition.

We attended the Meet the Teacher ice cream social the week before school started. When we entered his classroom, Jonah immediately found the folder with his name on it, brought it to me, then went back to the table and started coloring as if to say "Don't worry Mommy, I know how all this works."

So last Tuesday I woke Jonah up for his first day at his "new" school, put on his new outfit, packed a healthy lunch and an extra set of "just in case" clothes and then carefully picked out which furry friend would accompany him at naptime. He grabbed the napmat the he and his Daddy bought and then my little Pre-K student stopped at the front door to pose for the camera. (He knows me way too well).

While driving to school, he told me that he was going to have fun with his new friends and was not going to cry when I left (something that's happened a couple of times in the past). When we arrived he kept his promise by walking into the classroom, hanging his bag on the hook and then sitting down beside his friend Isabelle to play blocks. I stood there for a few minutes watching my little boy acting so grown up and feeling the same rush of emotions as I did that first day at Primrose. As I was turning around to walk out the door, Jonah stood up and ran over to me. He put his arms around my neck and said "I love you Mommy, hope you have a good day. I'll see you when you come back to pick me up!" I knew at that point he was going to be okay. It was me that was having such a hard time letting go.

Once again, I sobbed all the way through the parking lot to my car.

And I have a feeling that won't be the last time.


The Clark Family said...

Let's hug and cry together. :)

Formerly Gracie said...

My son, Avery, LOVES preschool. He only goes two days a week too, which I thought it was the perfect compromise since he's such a home body.

Well, this morning he didn't even kiss me good-bye. He saw his teacher and ran right in, leaving me at the door.

I have to admit... I was a bit insulted! :-P

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