Saturday, September 26, 2009


Josh’s family is German. My mother’s family is German. Our last name means tailor in German. Jonah and Meredith call their grandparents Opa and Oma. We like German food. A brat there, some sauerkraut here and don’t forget the German beer. We also enjoy celebrating our German heritage each year at Oktoberfest. We usually attend the one in Addison and the one in McKinney down on the square. This year Josh and I went alone with some friends to the Oktoberfest in Addison (of course I forgot my camera) and then we took the family to the Oktoberfest down on the square in McKinney. Jonah always has a good time riding the ponies, having his face painted and listening to the German bands sing and dance. I think Meredith enjoyed her first Oktoberfest and it was  great to be able to share this family tradition with the newest member of our little family!

IMG_0227  IMG_0234

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