Sunday, September 13, 2009

Enjoying the fruits of our labor

We had a "lazy" labor day at the Schneider house. We slept late, grilled steaks, watched the US Open, and then decided to take Jonah bowling for the first time. What I learned is, like Crocs, bowling shoes are even cute when they are a size 7 toddler.

They put up the side rails (which was even good for me) on our alley and gave us a little ramp designed for toddlers learning to bowl. Jonah played pretty well though I think he was more excited when they turned off the lights and the fluorescent lights popped on with the dance music! Meredith, as usual, slept through the entire game!

Meredith's Lazy Labor day activity involved relaxing and lounging in the sun prior to our bowling adventure!

How cute are those shoes?

Taking pointers from Dad

Picking out his own bowling ball

Strike!! Maybe I shouldn't admit this but my 3.5 year old's score was better than my own!

1 comment:

lauren_kitts said...

that is by far the cutest picture I have EVER SEEN*** too adorable you are in sooo much trouble...

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