Monday, March 15, 2010

Finally…A Real Excuse!

So up to this point in 2010, I have not had a valid excuse as to why I am so behind on my blog. I could blame it on a busy schedule with two kids but then I look at my blogger friend OHMommy or the Pioneer Woman and think to myself “Self, no one is going to buy that for a minute!”

But then it just so happened that today my laptop crashed due to a hard drive issue so now I have no access to my pictures or Photoshop. And of course I haven’t made a backup of my hard drive since September 09 so my laptop is being shipped off to a Data Recovery Center in hopes that they will be able to extract the data and then I can send it back to Frye’s to have the hard drive replaced. What’s even more frustrating is that the laptop is just a year old.

So, until then I will make an effort to at least start on the posts from the past couple of months. We’ve had some major holidays, some special events including Meredith’s Baptism and of course our everyday fun and adventure at the Schneider household :) 

1 comment:

raxon said...

he dear Why didn't you try the Stellar Phoenix Windows data recovery software to recovery your data and all the pictures you are talking about.

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